Summer Time

Posted: May 13, 2010 in seMuA SaMa SaJe


it’s been a Long time since Last entry…


Nah… Lake Garden kL, a pLace that u’ll  find somewhere clean, quiet and peaceful to

escape from  the wild wild world ehehe. If it’s beautiful and interesting as well, then that’s a big bonus.

Cool, ChiLL Through the open gardens and the pergolas, sit down, watch the birds and

butterflies, take a few photos and forget all the probLems. It’s just minutes away from the

streets that are filled with noisy car horns and aggression. It’s a really great place to unwind.


KL is not just about shopping.. eheheh bring ur family here and spend some quality time

and it’s Such escape might seem in a city like KL.

Location : KL Lake Garden



  1. ain says:

    salam kenal dr GB!

    xde shoutmix..payah nak teriak… hehe

    jemput singgah blog eyh

    Belog D.A simple

  2. ain says:

    cuba baca entry ain kat sini

    shoutmix tu kalo ada senang sket nk tinggal link.
    ^^ kat belog ain ada shoutmix.. bley survey2x

  3. chybee says:

    lawa gambar!
    pakai camera ape ek? nak blaja sket2..boleh? 😉

  4. azurachan says:

    Tak sampai lagi ke sini… wuwuwu..

  5. FarEast says:

    kl lake garden? kt belah mana ni?

  6. ::: cantiknyaaa gambar!!! mmg best pi lake garden ni..
    ::: teringat masa sekolah tadika, cikgu bawa ke sini..

  7. ::: oh ya dulu keje kat jalan dato’onn tuh selalu
    ::: lalu shortcut belakang kem. pertanian [huhu]
    ::: pusing2 mmg boleh sesat masuk lake garden [hehe]

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